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Urgent need to improve young labourers’ skills

Vietnam News 16 Jul 2024
... of vocational education, fortifying ties with businesses, the labour market and social security, in order to improve vocational skills for workers in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.

The transformative power of enterprise AI assistants

Gulf News 16 Jul 2024
One of the most transformative tools to emerge in recent years amid a data-driven revolution, AI-enabled digital helpers are transforming the way businesses operate, empowering workers, leaders, and ...

Mark Figley: ‘Newcomer’ plan doesn’t make sense

Lima Ohio 15 Jul 2024
In the world of stupendous ideas, chalk up another one for Michigan ... This hasn’t stopped federal officials from pressuring automakers to press on with the green revolution, even as it means future layoffs for assembly line workers ... .

NATO’s Endgame Appears to Be Nuclear War

Antiwar 12 Jul 2024
>. Reprinted from Common Dreams ... Consider the following facts ... history from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is the author of Worker Cooperatives and Revolution and Popular Radicalism and the Unemployed in Chicago during the Great Depression ... .

Will AI make you obsolete? The future of work in the age of automation

North Shore News 11 Jul 2024
Like the Industrial Revolution disrupted blue-collar jobs, the AI revolution will disrupt white-collar jobs.” ... Workers must now all make one critical mindset shift, followed by one simple action.

Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on New Action to Ensure the Future of ...

The White House 11 Jul 2024
And every selectee has committed to funding training to ensure workers have the skills to remain essential in the next industrial revolution ... We’re giving 15,000 American workers the chance to keep their jobs.

DAY ONE: NATO’s Endgame Appears to Be Nuclear War

Consortium News 10 Jul 2024
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg meeting with U.S ... U.S ... history from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is the author of Worker Cooperatives and Revolution and Popular Radicalism and the Unemployed in Chicago during the Great Depression.

South Africa: A shift to the right despite a mass hunger for progressive change

People's World 09 Jul 2024
Both have pioneered a lot of the transformative reforms that have comprised the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). There is now a fear that areas such as workers’ rights, the introduction of a basic ...

Guest opinion: Technological progress and increasing income inequality

Ogden Standard Examiner 08 Jul 2024
... Progress” (2023) make a very cogent and detailed examination of the role of technology and productivity increases in improving the economic life of workers from industrial revolution to modern times.

The Dark Side of Left-Brain Operations

Dissident Voice 08 Jul 2024
Mechanization of the factory Mass production of commodities Turning workers into interchangeable parts Industrial Revolution Socialism Artificial Intelligence makes work less rote, relieves workers of ...

Residents Protest Planned Military Offensive In Pakistan's Swat Valley, Orakzai District

Radio Free Europe 06 Jul 2024
The Ulasi Pasoon (Public Revolution) and Orkazai Peace Movement organized the protests on July 5 in which political workers, rights activists, and ...

James Muldoon, Mark Graham and Callum Cant: ‘AI feeds off the work of human beings’

The Guardian 06 Jul 2024
The Fairwork trio talk about their new book on the ‘extraction machine’, exposing the repetitive labour, often in terrible conditions, that big tech is using to create artificial intelligence Meet ...

GFJTU participates in regional youth meeting in Tunisia

Petra 04 Jul 2024
... bodies' capabilities and deepening their understanding of the economic challenges, which have negative impacts on workers, primarily climate change, digitalization, and the technological revolution.

Why Garment Workers in Bangladesh Are on Strike

GlobalResearch 03 Jul 2024
Nearly 4.0 million workers, mostly women toil in 3,500 garment factories supplying nearly 60 percent of global trendy garments ... The workers are on strike or the last two weeks demanding wage hikes.

The French Legislative Elections: The Left-Wing Alliance's Surge

LBC International 03 Jul 2024
The origins of the left date back to the French Revolution of 1789 and evolved over the years with the establishment of the French Section of the Workers' International (SFIO), which later split, giving rise to the French Communist Party (PCF).

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