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Fruit meets Quebec rail workers, discusses contract fight

The Militant 18 May 2024
Fruit said, “Rail workers in the U.S ... “If you study the Cuban Revolution, you can see how they worked to overcome the division between manual and mental labor and make culture available to all workers.”.

Road forward for working class debated at Labor Notes meeting

The Militant 18 May 2024
Among the 4,700 people attending were workers who had participated in recent strikes and contract fights — autoworkers, flight attendants, teachers, UPS workers and others ... Naomi Craine is a freight rail worker and member of SMART-TD in Chicago.

Revolution Wind offshore wind farm project hits major milestone off RI coast. What to know.

The Providence Journal 15 May 2024
A few years after the Block Island Wind Farm was completed in 2016, Ørsted built an assembly center in the Port of Providence, where 120 workers have been making parts for the company’s offshore wind projects, including Revolution Wind.

Committee hears of risks and opportunities provided by AI

RTE 15 May 2024
Sinn Féin TD Louise O’Reilly said the technology revolution had not been good for workers, referring to the right to switch off. She asked how generative AI would protect workers’ rights as the ...

The Death of the Corner Office

The Atlantic 15 May 2024
Just look for the person in the corner office ... Everyone wanted them, but only those at the top got them ... [ Read. Corporate buzzwords are how workers pretend to be adults ] Some take this shift as evidence of a revolution in egalitarianism ... [ Read ... .

Déjà vu: I was an outside agitator at Columbia in 1971

The Manila Times 13 May 2024
The only thing unusual about the call was that it came so early ... The youth wing of the better known Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, the YSA favored revolution by any means necessary to overthrow capitalism and initiate utopia ... So who were they?.

Salim takes oath as Punjab governor

The News International 11 May 2024
... workers attended the ceremony ... but PPP would ensure due respect to its political workers ... He also stated the world history showed that many revolutions took place due to efforts of committed workers.

25, 50, and 75 years ago

The Militant 11 May 2024
The rich legacy of the Yugoslav revolution after the second World War proves the opposite. Workers and farmers of all nationalities fought together in the struggle against fascist occupation during the ...

US tipping culture keeps invading other countries — this is the latest victim

New York Post 10 May 2024
... to incentivize and attract new workers ... Raj Dodhia, a 49-year-old IT worker who accompanied Layne at The Phoenix, suggested this is another American revolution the nation flat-out doesn’t want.

Neoconservatism, by Boyd D. Cathey

The Unz Review 07 May 2024
... global proletarian revolution and a dictatorship of the proletariat based on working class self-emancipation, and a form of universal mass (workers’) democracy to be accomplished by bloody revolution.

Reflecting on Karl Marx’s legacy in Africa on his 206th birthday

Mail Guardian South Africa 05 May 2024
The African Revolution is an integral part of the world socialist revolution, and just as the class struggle is basic to world revolutionary processes, so also is it fundamental to the struggle of the workers and peasants of Africa.”.

The Mill (2013) Season 2 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Amazon Prime Video

Coming Soon 05 May 2024
The British period drama series takes place in Cheshire, England, and revolves around the lives and struggles of the workers at Quarry Bank Mill ... Meanwhile, Daniel and his associates continue their fight for workers’ rights.

Letters: ‘You’re asking me to stop teaching … I won’t do it’

Pioneer Press 05 May 2024
Proudhon” – that’s Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, who became a member of the French Parliament after the Revolution of 1848. Proudhon favored workers’ councils and cooperatives as well as individual ...

‘Workers need to break with the bosses’ parties, build a labor party’

The Militant 04 May 2024
working class taking power away from the capitalist rulers and starting down the road to make a socialist revolution ... The fight for workers power was reopened in the Americas with the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959.

To Let Suffering Speak: “Why Art Exists”. Käthe Kollwitz on the Nature of Feminism and Class ...

GlobalResearch 03 May 2024
Kollwitz knows that right along beside every revolutionary, every worker marching towards to a new world are the ghosts of revolutions past ... Some of the workers bear scythes, and mallets, their faces gaunt with hunger.