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Sandinistas Won a Landslide Victory Not Through Fraud but Because They Uplifted Nicaragua’s Poor and ...

GlobalResearch 01 Dec 2021
Unlike these propagandists, I spoke to Nicaraguan factory workers, domestic workers, stay-at-home mothers, truck drivers, farmers, and community leaders in the outskirts of the city of Estelí, where international electoral companions observed a free and fair election ... He is a blue-collar worker who does not support the Sandinista government.

Metaverse and 5G: The hollow buzzword match made in heaven

Digital Trends 01 Dec 2021
AT&T has talked the metaverse up as an “endless learning opportunity” where students can experience lessons rather than read them from a book; Verizon is already talking about hanging out with virtual Smurfs, for some reason; and T-Mobile has been testing holographic video- and frontline worker-focused applications for AR.

Abiodun proposes N351bn for Ogun in 2022 fiscal year

Business Day Online 30 Nov 2021
... across the three senatorial Districts of the state; health care delivery; education sector revitalization; affordable housing projects; agricultural development; digital and technological revolution; better sports development; and, improved welfare of workers, among others.

The autonomy and accountability challenge

Business Line 27 Nov 2021
Professionals today expect far more autonomy than the armies of semi-educated workers who powered the Industrial Revolution ... The pandemic accelerated this revolution because it is much harder to control people when you cannot see them ... revolution.Managing professionals remotely..

Charlie Mullins: plumber to the rich and famous

Moneyweek 25 Nov 2021
“It now needs to go international.” Inspired by the Thatcher revolution ... Born in 1952, the son of a factory worker and a cleaner, he grew up on the tough Rockingham estate in Elephant and Castle, south London – “not the nicest part of town”, he says.

The winners and losers of work from home revolution that is changing our lifestyles

Irish Independent 22 Nov 2021
It looks like there will be little sign of life in the country’s deserted offices until we are two years into this pandemic ... It does not seem to change much on the face of it ... So who are the losers and can anyone be considered a winner as the so-called working from home ‘revolution’ continues?. Losing out. Young workers and new recruits ... .

Letters to the editor, Sunday, Nov. 21

Hendersonville Times-News 22 Nov 2021
The religious perspective on climate change. To the Editor. If we think of climate change in terms of religious tradition, it becomes an ethical issue ... Congressman Madison Cawthorn talks about bloodshed and revolution. Election workers are threatened by phone calls saying their kids are going to be killed if they don’t change votes to Rs from Ds.

Worldwide COVID Protests Some Turning Violent As Police Support Tyranny

Armstrong Economics 21 Nov 2021
Governments are using these vaccines to control the population in preparation for Schwab’s Great Reset where they are trying to accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution where they presume that robots will replace workers so they need Guaranteed Basic Income but pray for a ...

What’s driving Xi Jinping’s economic revamp? China’s social mobility das stalled

Live Mint 19 Nov 2021
Later, amid turmoil including the Cultural Revolution, it gave the offspring of peasants and workers more favorable access to educational resources ... The decadelong Cultural Revolution until 1976 banished millions of urban youths to the countryside and plunged even more into poverty that left China far behind richer nations.

We stopped Portugal’s bosses contacting staff outside work hours. Here’s why

The Observer 18 Nov 2021
Under the new laws, employers will now face sanctions if they text message, phone or email their workers when they are off the clock ... In the age of the industrial revolution, workers could be little more than workers ... The necessity of all kinds of digital software means surveillance of workers has also grown very rapidly ... the workers.

How ‘Workcations’ Could Revolutionize Travel

The Atlantic 17 Nov 2021
You wrote that with the sustained increase in remote work for millions of white-collar workers, “we’re on the verge of a revolution in travel.” What’s your thesis? Brian Chesky ... a minority of workers can work remotely, and a minority of those workers are still working remotely.

Full Text: Resolution of the CPC Central Committee on the Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party over the Past Century

Xinhua 16 Nov 2021
In the early days of the Party and during the Great Revolution, the Party formulated the program of the democratic revolution, launched movements of workers, youths, peasants, and women, promoted and supported the reorganization of the Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) and the founding of ...

Your letters Nov. 13, 2021

News-Press Now 13 Nov 2021
Rather, a revolution will be required ... Communist revolution accompanied by radical changes in traditional ideas ... “Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution.” They call on workers to unite, promising them freedom and a better world ... that revolution is inevitable.

Supporters of Rawlings should work together to achieve what he epitomised – Amidu

Joy Online 13 Nov 2021
Acrimony as to who truly represents the 4th June or 31st December Revolutions or the social democratic tradition has been and is being stoked to divide and weaken the social democratic cause of the workers and people of Ghana Comrade Rawlings dedicated his life to,” he added.

All the ways you’re being surveilled due to COVID-19

New York Post 13 Nov 2021
... intrusive and unnecessary surveillance of workers, you’re not going to find it,” he wrote. “In fact, worker surveillance has been common since the industrial revolution.” Being constantly watched when working from home has been enough to make some people quit their jobs.